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Playing Online Keno Game

The history of Keno begins, oddly enough, in ancient China with a poem for children. The poem was called The Thousand Character Classic and its purpose was to teach children to read, because it had a thousand characters that never repeated. First, he was remembered by most Chinese and used to count to number thousands.

Around the year 200 BC, Cheung Leung, Chinese famous general, crossed with his people a serious economic crisis. Citizens paying too much in taxes and they were tired by years of war. The population became hostile and if Cheung Leung had dared to raise taxes again he would have risked a popular uprising.

However, the general knew that without money the barbarians were going to the existence of his kingdom in danger. The idea was proposed by a wall; a huge wall that would take away the barbarians of the north , or at least slow them down. However, the general could not build a wall without money either.

Thus, Cheung Leung invented a game, based on the first 120 characters of the Thousand Character Classic, in which players chose a set of characters. So he drew random characters and declared a winning combination. Doves with the results were sent to the populations living in the most distant lands.

The game became known as the Game of the White Dove, and the peasants were fighting among themselves for the opportunity to play there. Chests Cheung Leung were finally full of money without having to impose more taxes on his people. His army was reconstituted, the Great Wall of China was built, the Han Dynasty saved, and keno history was born.

During the Great Depression , some non-Chinese had a lottery in Montana (where it was illegal). Warren Nelson was working in the area and decided to create his own lottery. Federal authorities have not really enjoyed it and closed the trade several times. When gambling became legal in Nevada in 1931, the history of Keno has finally made ??a big leap. Nelson moved to Reno and opened the first game of Keno at Palace Club in 1936, Joe Lydon, also from Montana, opened the first game of Keno at Fremont in downtown Las Vegas.

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